Need a new Accountant?

Is your relationship with your accountant not working out? Have you been putting in a lot into it but not getting out of it what you are expecting? Are you looking to expand your business but your accountant can no longer support your ambitions? If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then it is time for you to reassess your relationship. At Deborah O’Donnell Chartered Accountants we offer an accountant switching service. Here is how it works:

Step One

Pick up the phone or drop into our offices for a free consultation about your current accounting situation and the services you would like us to provide you and your business. After the consultation we will provide you with a fixed price no obligation quote for taking over your accounting.

Step Two

Once you have made the decision to appoint us we, you can instruct us to request all your accounting and tax records from your accountant. Alternatively you can arrange a meeting with them and inform them you are switching. We are happy to carry out the request on your behalf because we know the information we require. If there are no payment disputes with your current accountant the process is straightforward and should not take long to complete. All accountants are obliged by their professional body to provide records as requested in a timely manner.

Step Three

We will set up your new accounts with us and go over your existing records and create a report of the improvements we will look to make. Our goal is to make running your business as efficient as possible and that includes assisting with implementing simple, sustainable accounting systems tailored to your business.