Who We Help

Business Start Ups

Getting started is probably the hardest part. We can help you choose the best business structure for your needs. From company registration to setting up bookkeeping systems and assessing potential tax savings.

Sole Traders

Just because you work for yourself does not mean you have to work alone. Let us be your accounting department so you can focus on doing what you do best. We also provide tax advice and guidance.


We will provide you with all the guidance you need from selection the right partnership setup for your business to offering ongoing accountancy and tax services.

Limited Companies

Statutory reporting requirements for accounts and tax are a bit more challenging. We help companies of all sizes to meet their legal obligations in the most tax efficient manner possible.


Working as a contractor means you are working for different employers and not an employee. We will help set you up with the most tax efficient business structure that meets with your circumstances.

CIS Contractors

Meeting all the legal requirements for working in construction is not easy on your own. Our services give you peace of mind and ensure you are registered correctly with the HMRC, as well as serving your business accounting and tax needs.


Property tax laws are involved and complicated. Whether you own a second home or rental properties you may have tax liabilities. Let us help you understand your position, so you comply with relevant legislation.

Selling Your Business

Want to cash out of your business but unsure of what it is worth? We can assist with the business valuation process, but we cannot stress enough how vital business records are to any sales process. Get everything in place when you start a business makes selling it easier.

Employed Individuals

Most employees meet their tax obligations through the employer deducted PAYE system. However, in some cases you may be required to register for self-assessment say if you have a hobby that earns you extra money on the side. You may then require to register as self-employed or as a sole trader so that you pay tax as required by law.